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Our mission is to help establish, manage, and protect our clients' financial plan.


Every client we serve is different. An idea that works for one client will not necessarily work for another. For that reason, the first step in our relationship with a client is an honest assessment of their needs and goals.

Once we discuss this we can jointly set a realistic, attainable financial plan. This plan typically includes savings goals, life style needs, planned retirement date, retirement income needs, and gifting to heirs and / or charities.


Once set, we will test a client's financial plan using dozens of market variables to ensure the greatest probability of success with the lowest possible risk.

We will manage a client's portfolio based on agreed upon investment objectives that go hand in hand with the goals of their financial plan. We will only use investments that are fee based meaning, unlike a stockbroker, we will make no loads, commissions, or fees from the activity in your account.


Part of a proper financial plan is to understand the risks of a plan not working properly. When we set a client's investment portfolio, we always review the downside risk of a negative market move. While these can and will happen, they must be managed so not to derail a client's financial plan. Generally, the closer a client is to retirement the lower that risk needs to be.

Since life changes are inevitable we offer regular updates to a client's financial plan. Market changes, income needs, and life goals vary and planning needs to be updated regularly as changes occur.

We will also discuss other "risk" factors, such as the need for life insurance, long-term care risk, retirement income planning, and the proper structure of assets.

Since we view estate taxes as a risk, our final review is an examination of the impact of estate taxes on a client and, where needed, some suggestions on minimizing that impact.